Custom Oven Design & Construction

Industrial Refractory Services has designed, engineered, built, and installed several types of heat-treating furnaces, metal melting furnaces, ceramic kilns, thermal oxidizers, incinerators and other industrial process ovens using mostly Hauck burners and combustion equipment.

Rail Car Driven Furnace

IRSI has built furnaces for steel mills and aluminum melters as well as thermal oxidizers for fume and smoke incineration and dunnage incinerators.

Rail Car Driven Furnace

IRSI has built several industrial process ovens. We can provide an engineered solution to kiln cooling, provide CAD drawings, install high temperature blowers, do concrete excavation and reconstruction, extend car rails, rebuild doors and install prefabricated cooling section wall and roof panels, insulated duct work, walk ways, hand rails and stairs even while the kilns and furnaces are at low fire.